Short Fiction

An Open Letter to the Family Counseling Student Expelled for Lacking Empathy

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On the Spon-Com Circuit

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The Dispossessed Person


The Greentext Killer 

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My New Gang

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The prolific writer and anthology editor D.F. Lewis said this of My New Gang in his review:  Wow!  This is a relatively brief piece but it certainly packs a punch.  The prose style seems honed pitch-perfect as well as being trippingly textured in a very constructive as well as devil-may-care way.  Major stuff. (7 Jan 12)

The Way It Went

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The People You Meet in Syracuse

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David Lynch’s Pornography Project

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The Way it Went

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Would You Please Be Less Terrible, Please

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The Careless Fuckery of Tim Ingersson

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In the Shade of the Allan Gardens Greenhouse

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Elise Ivey

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Everything You Can Think of is True

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The Strange New Humanities

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Verminelli’s Rumpus Room

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Mike Sauve’s 115th Stream

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Visions of Emily

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An Email Concerning the Price Points of Orange Juice and Free Verse

Considering a Face Tattoo

Awakening of Ruben Till IT GUY